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When To use Coinslash 🤯

You want some good Nigerian food delivered to your doorstep? You are too tired to cook and want to order food online? You’re asking yourself, how can I get food near me? You want the quickest food delivery you can have? Then, that’s exactly when to use Coinslash. When you order food on Coinslash, you can be sure to enjoy the best online food delivery experience ever and get good food delivered to you quick, and at the best price ever.

Even Better on the App 🤳

When you use the Coinslash food ordering app, you can get food near you at a very cheap cost by selecting your location and then ordering food you want online. With the app, you can order food at cheaper prices and almost no cost attached to your food delivery.

How It Works 🍱

  1. Go to the ‘Order Food’ tab and select your preferred category.
  2. Choose all the food types you are interested in, and add to your cart.
  3. Checkout once you are done selecting the food you want to order online.
  4. Get a call to process your order immediately.
  5. Get your food delivered to you within an hour.